Assignment 14: Acute shoulder pain

Assignment 14: Acute shoulder pain

A patient presents to your office with acute shoulder pain. Discuss four potential diagnoses and the pathophysiology behind each diagnosis. Explain the subjective presentation of each diagnosis and the physical exam findings specific to each.


A 45-year-old male with a past medical history significant for chronic low back pain presents to the ER with back pain. You overhear the ER tech saying, “I hate chronic pain patients. They just want narcotics, and now I have to clean up his pee because he can’t get his stuff together.” Based upon this complaint and additional information, what are potential diagnoses? What testing should be employed? What referrals should be initiated? Should any pharmacological treatment be initiated? Should any nonpharmacological treatment be initiated? Justify your decisions with a rationale.Back pain brings a 45-year-old male with a considerable past medical history of chronic low back pain to the emergency room with complaints of the same. You overhear the emergency room technician remark, “I despise folks with chronic pain.” They only want drugs, and now I have to clean up his urine because he can’t get his act together. “They just want drugs.” What are some possible diagnoses that could be derived from this complaint and the other information provided? What kinds of tests should be carried out? Which referrals should the process begin with? Is it appropriate to start any kind of pharmacological treatment? Should any treatment that does not include pharmaceuticals be started? Offer an explanation or justification for the choices you’ve made.

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